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Is Online Gambling Legal in Wisconsin?

is online gambling legal in wisconsin

Be it wagering on the next Powerball jackpot or contributing a little cash into an office March Madness pool, Wisconsin has many ways for its residents to gamble. Pari-mutuel wagering can be found across various platforms and social casinos are legal; multi-state lottery games like Mega Millions and Powerball also take place here; most gambling in Wisconsin occurs through physical tribal casinos however; if online gambling ever does become legalized it could create a competitive sports betting industry along with legal online poker rooms if available.

Online gambling in Wisconsin has never been officially legalized by lawmakers, though there have been indications it might become possible in the near future. While no laws against it currently exist in Wisconsin, Native American tribes must abide by their own regulations regarding gaming activities such as online casino operations; as such, many of them cannot accept players from Wisconsin due to tribal sovereignty issues.

Wisconsin lacks legal iGaming at this time for various reasons. While bills have been proposed that would legalise the activity, these must still pass both houses of legislature and be approved by voters before becoming law – an unlikely scenario given Governor Scott Walker has opposed such changes in the past.

Legalizing online sports betting in Wisconsin will not be an easy journey. First off, amending the Constitution would need to be amended in order to permit such activity – an inherently long and cumbersome process. Next up are negotiations between lawmakers and tribal casino operators about how best to approach this matter and weigh potential benefits against possible costs.

For more information on Wisconsin gaming laws, you should speak with a Wisconsin gaming attorney. These professionals specialize in licensing and regulatory issues related to state gaming; as well as advice on how to best protect your interests when gambling-related matters arise. To locate one near you visit FindLaw’s Gaming Law section; alternatively call Attorney Referral Service on 1-800-287-9890 and speak with someone familiar with Wisconsin’s gaming laws directly; you can also read up more articles related to state gaming laws from our collection of State Law Articles.

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