How to Win the Numbers Game Mass Lottery

Massachusetts Lottery Massachusetts’ lottery has long been an enduring presence, returning over $1 billion each year in winnings and drawing more than one million players per day across thousands of locations. Offering eight draw games and several instant-win options – such as two daily drawings for “Numbers Game”, winning tickets require matching at least three numbers that appear in every drawing correctly to achieve victory; players may also place bets on how often specific winning numbers repeat themselves.

Contrary to many state-sponsored draw games that offer increasing reward structures for correct predictions of increasing amounts of numbers, Massachusetts Mass Cash Lottery provides a fixed jackpot per drawing. Players mark five numbers from 1 to 35 on a $1 playslip and select them themselves or choose Quick Pic; Quick Pic randomly generates them. While the chances of bagging a $100,000 payout may be 1 in 325,000, its convenient flat prize structure has made Mass Cash Lottery popular among MA residents.